15 questions to ask yourself in order to determine your true life path


You could say that life is filled with unimaginable sense that we understand or create for ourrselfs. This is an epic journey from cradle to grave and we are bound to enjoy it.

There is a deep-rooted idea of purpose in every man. When people know their purpose, they possess an irresistible force. It all starts with the realization that your purpose in life is not something static – it can be changed according to your wishes. As Heraclitus said: „You never step into the same river twice, because neither river is the same nor the man.“

Check out these 15 questions you need to ask yourself in order to find the right direction in your life:

What gives me energy?
Activities that coincide with your life purpose will give you energy. On the other hand, activities that diverge will suck much of the energy. Be careful and use your energy levels as an indicator.

What inspires me?
This is a better version of the question, „What is my passion?“. Inspiration is something that everyone should enjoy. The funny thing is that you can find out what is your passion, if you realize the moments in which you are inspired.

What ideas come to me under the shower?
Bathing can be the most relaxing part of your daily routine. Inspiration usually strikes people when they are relaxed and open-minded. So keep an eye on what your inspirations come to mind while bathing quietly under
the shower.

What things do people ask me for?
This can serve as an indicator of the things that you are able to give to the world.

What kind of conversations do I have with my closest people?
kind of information you love to share with people who interest you the most? What are you talking about, when you are fully yourself?

What do I do in my spare time?
The actions determine the real priorities.

What things do I usually read?
Pretty obvious way to understand the innermost interests.

What kind of dreams do I have, that are constantly repeated?
Recurring themes in dreams can tell a lot about your subconscious. Try to understand the importance of recurring dreams and can acquire wisdom, which
is not even suspected.

In which situations I feel most alive?
Different perspective on what inspires you most.

What unique skills or interests have I had as a child?
If your memory is hazy, ask your parents. The answer to this question will reveal a lot about your hidden talents and interests which occurred before socializing in the adult world.

What would I do, if money didn’t existed?
The point of this question is more than clear. Put another way, what would you do if you did not have to think every day how to earn for a living.

What would I do, if I didn’t care about other people‘s opinion?
Like the question of money, it is important to ask yourself what you would do with your life if you did not have any restrictions. What would you be doing if you had complete freedom?

What is my aim?
What is most important for you? What is this thing, that brings you this deep sense of satisfaction, when or if achieved. This will definitely refer you to your innermost purpose in life.

What things can I combine in order to create my own unique niche?
How can you merge different skills to create your own mosaic of life?

How does my ideal version look like?
Of great importance is being able to imagine yourself as always improving creature that has a purpose in the incredible mystery called life.