An Incredible Fictive Flight Above Real Mars!


Jan Fröjdman is a Finnish amateur photographer. He is also a space enthusiast, and a skillful user of editing and special effects software. Fascinated by the images of the planet Mars , taken by the HiRise camera mounted on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) , the photographer decided to sublimate them. He tackled the task of collecting multiple shots of several zones to assemble them. The result is a 4-minute film, which gives the illusion of flying over the surface of the Red Planet so closely that the relief of the dunes and hills appears to us very clearly.

Recreating this impression of relief from images captured by a single-objective camera (and therefore not intended to turn in 3D) required ant work. The photographer explains that he had to take thousands of landmarks on the ground for each shot (over 33,000, he figures) so that the sequence of images takes place smoothly. And since each image has been captured with a different angle, this relief effect is naturally recreated over successive images. „It took me three months full time to make this film,“ said the photographer. The latter, however, points out that his work is more artistic than scientific. The colors in particular, which required a large calibration work, are not in conformity with reality.