Ancient Egyptian Energy Symbols: Djed, Ankh, and Was (Part I)

megalithic energy

Today, scientists are working on melting down the ice caps on Mars, so they can change the climate and create an atmosphere. But, such technology had already existed on planet Earth back in the Stone Age.

During the ice age, this technology was calculating an analogous math problem and helping intelligent creatures to survive. For a long time on almost all continents on our planet this technology was developed, improved and flourished. But for modern researchers, this technology is known as Terra Incognita.

Let’s give an example – the pictures below are from artwork, carved from hard metal alloy.


How would blacksmiths from the 8th century explain the creation of such artwork? They had no knowledge of electricity or other similar technologies. In the same way, modern science discusses megalithic structures, leaving behind the energetics of that time. However, this exact technology made it possible to work with stones in that way.

Its basis was the delivery system. In those times, a delivery system was used for the level of the crystal cage, the process beginning with the inflation of energy into O-H (water molecules) and in turn they would deliver the resonance of oxygen atoms and that would keep it bonded to Si-O (silicone dioxide), AI-O (aluminum oxide), or C-O (carbon monoxide).

In this case the piling of kinetic energy in a resonating system on atomic level and its connection with molecules and crystals, in turn results in going over the normal limit and leads to a decrease in the tearing of these bonds in the substance. With such processes we can have an explanation of the “flexibility” of granite, the phenomenon known as singing sands, as well as levitating rocks.


This technology for generating energy is explained with many other factors as well. And the materials necessary for its development were abundant – water and rock, but modern science refuses to acknowledge the presence of “knowledge”, encompassed in the megalithic structures. They acknowledge only hands-on labor, a lever, hydraulics and technology for rubbing rock with rock. And nothing more than that.

Symbols of the flourish of said energetics on the territory of Egypt are the pyramids, as well as the devices Djed, Ankh, and Was.

In the beginning, these were instruments for manipulating megalithic energies. But when said methods were forgotten, and the theoretical and practical knowledge – lost, the meaning of the symbols was „remastered“. As a result, they lost the physical purpose they had in the beginning and instead became cult symbols. The understanding of these important symbols is explored by modern science.

And here are their modern definitions:

  • Djed – an object of the ancient Egyptian cult symbolizing Osiris’ spine. Some believe that from the hieroglyph, indicating Djed, a Phoenician letter “samekh” was formed – a prototype of the Greek Earth.
  • Djed – the earliest symbol of Osiris, and the earliest place of worship towards him was Dedu, the ancient Busiris in the Nile delta. The interpretation of the Djed pillar remains a mystery to this day.
  • Ankh (Anh, Ank) – a Coptic cross, a symbol, that has been around since ancient times. Known as an Egyptian hieroglyph as well as one of the most important symbols for ancient Egyptians. Also known as the “key of life”, “key of the Nile”, “band of life”, “knot of life”, “cross with a snare”, “Egyptian cross”, “Crux ansata”. It represents a cross with a ring at the top part of it. In the Unicode character “Ankh” it is denoted as U+2625 (☥).
  • Ankh is a T-shaped cross with a snare on top. In this way it combines the symbolism of both the cross and the circle. In Ancient Egyptian tradition, it is a symbol of birth and eternal life. Ankh is the most important symbol amongst ancient Egyptians, also known as “crux ansata”. The cross is the symbol of life and the circle is a symbol of eternity and together they represent immortality. Also the cross symbolizes the unification of the male and female deities, Osiris and Isis, and in that way – an alliance between earth and the heavens. As a hieroglyphic letter, this character has the meaning of “life” and has appeared as part of the words “health” and “prosperity”.
  • Was is an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that represents power. It used to be connected with the hieroglyphs Djed (health, stability) and Ankh (life). It is illustrated as a scepter, held by pharaohs, Gods and people of high power.
  • Was also appears as a distinctive Egyptian hieroglyph, meaning “power”.
  • Was (the scepter). In ancient times, Was appeared as a form of fetish in which, as suspected, the healing powers of the underworld demon (similar to a dog or jackal) are locked away. Was consists of a rod split in two at the bottom and ending with the head of an animal (jackal) at the top. In the hands of Gods, it became a scepter of prosperity and a symbol of health and happiness. Until the Middle Kingdom, a wooden scepter Was would be put inside graves so the deceased could apply its powers for Godly acts. Later, the frescos upon the walls of tombs were ornamented with the same symbol. The two Was scepters were a popular motif throughout times, and they were put at the edges of paintings or engravings, and with their heads they balanced the ideogram of the “heavens”.

Religion and knowledge were united, especially in ancient times. Priests, servants of holy cults, ruled over knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, and anatomy, as well as the written language and other sciences.

The Devoted stored all of the knowledge in signs and symbols, carefully handing over the meaning to their successors. Along with destroying the existing organization of the society, they were also destroying the foundations of religion – one cult would replace another. Symbols, once protecting great secrets, lost their initial meaning or would gain a new one, or they were just forgotten…