Mystery of the Baigong Pipes

Baigong pipes

This incredible phenomenon resembles a series of pipes, located near the Baigong Mountain , 40 kilometers southwest from of the city of Delingha, China.

It is believed that the Baigong pipers are made of iron and some of them are placed in an incredibly old cave. This is an amazing example of an “out of place” artifact, and its creation is constantly attributed to ancient aliens.

The pipes were officially discovered in 2002, although locals have known of their existence for centuries. Most of Delingha’s population believes that the pipes were made by aliens who arrived atop the Baigong Mountain thousands of years ago. Of course, such stories are met with expected skepticism but everything changes once you get to the 60-meter pyramid, located right at the top of the mountain. However, the truth is that to this day the pyramid has not been explored properly.


There are 3 more caves near the base of Baigong Mountain, and the biggest one has a depth of 6 meters and in places reaches 8 meters in height. A vertical pipe, 40 centimeters in diameter, passes through the inside of the cave, and another horizontal one passes under the floor of the cave and it’s barely visible.

A portion of the pipes have been tested in a nearby foundry. Analysis determined that they are made mostly of iron, but 30% of their composition is silicon dioxide. According to Chinese media agency, Xinhua, the pipes are at least several centuries old, which would mean that this metallurgical miracle is created by a Nomad group with too much free time on their hands.

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Dozens of pipe openings have been discovered high above the caves, which would mean that those Nomads also possessed incredibly developed drilling technology, because in modern-day history, there is no information of any kind of industry going on in the region. Not far from Baigong is Lake Toson, with pipes going through its coastline. The smallest of the pipes are the size of toothpicks. Some pipes show above the surface of the water while others are buried beneath the lake’s bed.

Even though Chinese researchers were sent to Baigong back in 2002, there are still no convincing conclusions as for the origin, purpose, and creators of these mysterious pipes.