Origin of Life: Bizarre Theories

Origin of Life

Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” appeared for the first time 156 years ago. Everyone knows about Darwin’s theory of evolution. According to him, Homo Sapiens was a result of evolution and natural selection. But even to this day Darwin’s theory is met with skepticism and critiques.

But there are far more bizarre theories about the beginning and development of life.


Aristotle was one of the first supporters of the spontaneous generation theory. His views of life were shared by some sages in ancient China, Egypt, and Babylon. They all thought that some “particles” contain “active matter” which, in favorable conditions, could create a living organism. As examples for this theory they used the eggs, sunlight, and rotting meat.

Everything was alive from the beginning?

In the past, some scientists thought that Earth and all living organisms have existed since the beginning of time. But modern astrophysics completely debunks this theory by proving that stars and planetary systems cannot exist an infinite amount of time.


In 1865, German scientist, Hermann E. Richter proposed that life on Earth came from space with the help of meteors and cosmic dust. This theory could be indirectly confirmed given the resistance of some organisms towards radiation and extremely low temperatures. But this hypothesis cannot be proven until there is irrefutable evidence for the alien origin of living organisms.

We are a virus

Another variation of the panspermia theory is that life was deliberately planted on Earth and other planets. Famous scientists, Francis Crick and Leslie Orgel, thought that some advanced alien civilization could have brought life on Earth with unmanned space crafts. The reason for this could have been that this alien civilization was facing an impending global catastrophe. This way, we are the descendants of an ancient alien civilization.

Nothing is real

Here’s a shocker. Some scientists even believe that our world is not real and it’s only a matrix. In it, people are just digital entities working on particular habits in the matrix.

Theory of water origin

Biologist Alister Hardy proposed that people originated from the water. As evidence he provided some fuzzy data of an amphibian monkey, which he called hydropithecus.

People come from birds

This bizarre theory suggests that people on Earth are descendants of winged creatures which inhabited the planet a very long time ago. It’s interesting to note that the ancient Sumerians and other civilizations have legends about such creatures.

Androgynous people

This is more of a myth rather than a scientific theory. According to an ancient Greek legend, gods created the first human race. Those people had both male and female physical characteristics. They had spherical bodies, four arms and legs, and two identical faces on each side of the head.

To punish them, Zeus split the androgynous people in half. Maybe that’s why we spend our whole lives searching for our significant other.