The Orgone Energy That Could Heal the World

orgone energy

We live in a world where the legacy of some great people is deemed nonexistent because of criticism and skepticism. No matter how creative their concepts were, the reputation of those controversial people is determined by their political and socio-economical views outside the world of science.

One of these unappreciated inventors is Wilhelm Reich. He was born in 1897 in Austria and devoted his whole life to science, particularly psychiatry, sexology and energy transfer. Although Reich is the author of a great amount of scientific papers, he is best known for his theories about orgone energy.

Basically, orgone energy is a life force which is everywhere, from the surface of the earth to every single cell of every living being. Reich believed that this energy is capable of healing the sick, optimizing all the functions of the body, and even affect weather conditions.

The controversial scientist created a device called “orgone accumulator” – a box constructed of organic and metal materials that attracted and radiated orgone energy to its center. To be healed, patients just had to sit in the box for a predetermined amount of time. Reich concluded that, in fact, after an orgone therapy there was an improvement in the functions of the body. The main concept behind orgone treatment was that high dosages of this energy were capable of removing any energy blockages that were deteriorating the functions of the body. According to Reich, these blockages are often responsible for deadly diseases like cancer.

Orgone accumulator. FDA / Wikipedia
Orgone accumulator. FDA / Wikipedia

Sadly, this possibly revolutionary idea was neglected because of Reich’s personal beliefs and endeavors. For example, another theory he supported was that the power of orgasm was capable of removing the same energy blockages in muscles. Wilhelm Reich supported sexual freedom, but in the 1920s such an opinion was highly despised because the only approved way of practicing sex was in the conditions of marriage. It could be said that because of such beliefs Reich was quickly condemned by society, but he didn’t stop there, anyway.

Reich continued to treat patients with his orgone accumulator and soon he was arrested. He was held for three weeks and eventually was released but put under constant surveillance. Then, the FDA showed interest in orgone energy and the technology for harnessing it. After investigating, officials of the association stated that orgone energy does not exist and Reich’s work should be discontinued. Interestingly, the devices Wilhelm Reich used were destroyed and deemed illegal to reproduce.

Of course, the scientist continued with his work, but in 1954 he was arrested again, this time for using the now illegal devices. He died in his cell in 1957.

Reich’s last wish was for his work to be sealed for 50 years, in hope that in 2007 humanity will be more open-minded and progressive. The technology for harnessing and emitting orgone energy remains a mystery to this day but more and more people claim they are capable of reproducing the orgone accumulator. Some even claim to have created orgone charged amulets and souvenirs, but this could very well be an advertising trick.

One thing is for sure – mankind will not stop searching for this enigmatic energy, which could turn out to be capable of healing any diseases that are present in our ill society.