The Pyramids of Giza Were Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Pyramids of Giza were weapons

Countless research of the mysterious Egyptian pyramids was not enough for scientists to come to a single conclusion regarding their true purpose. Some of the proposed purposes include an observatory, concealed library for fundamental physical and geometrical knowledge, a time capsule, storage for encrypted messages intended for future generations, and a generator for harmonic oscillations.

In three consecutive articles, we will be looking at different theories from several scientists, such as physicist, Joseph Farrell. According to his theory, Egyptian pyramids were part of a grand military experiment focusing on the creation of a beam weapon with unimaginable power of destruction.

Not only was this weapon used in ancient times, but the ramifications were catastrophic for the whole Solar system…

Even though Farrell himself speaks of his theory as an “unusual hypothesis, not yet confirmed as truthful and still in the experimental phase, it is still out there and causes many discussions…

Let’s start from the very beginning.

In order to explain the existence of comets, some astronomers have suggested that in the Cosmos, there is a massive spherical cloud, called Oort cloud, which is an enormous reservoir for cosmic trash, located further than Pluto’s orbit. Different astronomers have argued about the size of this cloud. Some believe that it begins at a distance of 2 000-5 000 astronomical units and covers an area of 50 AU, which is almost equal to a 1 light year.


Others believe that it stretches to a distance of 10 000 AU, which would mean the end of the Solar system.

However, in 1978, astronomer Tom van Flandern wrote an article for the scientific journal Icarus, in which he claims that the Oort cloud – the theoretical model of which hasn’t been confirmed from observations – does not exist. Flandern offers a different explanation – the comets have formed as a result of the explosion of a planet which was located in the place of the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Despite all the criticism Tom received from supporters of the Oort cloud theory, he completely backed his idea, collected evidence and published a book in 1993. The book is called “Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets”.

For the first time, Flandern focused on the fact that comets reach a speed necessary for exiting the borders of the Solar system, and he pointed out that the only explanation for such a circumstance is an explosion.

And what’s more important is that with the help of a computer he was able to “track the orbits of many comets in the past. The result of the mathematical model became a statistical tendency, which suggested a common point of origin – between Mars and Jupiter, and around 3 million years ago.

This coincided with the claims of some astronomers who had calculated that there must have been a planet in place of the Asteroid Belt. It was also said that the shockwave of the possible planetary explosion would have left obvious traces on the surfaces of the planets and moons in the Solar system. Said traces were discovered after some time, and they were regarded as quite convincing.

Pictures of every planet or moon where there is no atmosphere serve as proof that their surfaces are covered with a black substance containing carbon.

Van Flandern called this phenomenon “the black axiom” – based on pictures very similar to the ones of Pluto’s surface, Neptune moons, Triton and Nereid, and the Saturn moon, Iapetus. The most convincing traces of the shockwave are on Iapetus, since it is only black on one side.


The one-sided deformations are very similar to the Martian geological anomalies – There are two regions on Mars which are very different from each other and are clearly outlined with a different relief – the plateau covered with craters in the north and the somewhat flat northern lowlands which lack craters.

All of these facts lead us to believe that at one point in its history, Mars suffered a cataclysmic event of massive proportions. According to Farrell, our Moon is the most convincing, or rather unusual confirmation of the hypothesis for the deliberately destroyed planet. Its anomalous characteristics, which have no analogue among celestial bodies, can be divided into 3 categories: age, origin, and a high level of radiation.

After the astronauts from “Apollo” brought lunar soil back to Earth and analyzed it, it turned out that the results of the analysis were completely contradictory with the common notion of celestial and planetary mechanics…The age of one of the soil samples was approximately 5.3 billion years!

If this is in fact true, then according to some researchers, the Moon would have to be covered with a several feet thick layer of dust. But when Neil Armstrong made his “small step” on the surface of the Moon, his foot sunk into a layer of dust that was “barely several inches thick and such an amount accumulates for thousands of years, not billions”, says Farrell. If the sample which is 5.3 billion years old is actually from the Moon, that would mean that our satellite is much older that the Earth.

In one of his lectures (Hoagland’s Mars: the Mars-Moon Connection), Richard Hoagland shows an unusual structure close to the Ukert crater – double craters pointing in the same direction. Hoagland notes that it would be logical for the craters to be located chaotically, not in a correct geometrical pattern – especially if we are focusing on the theory of bombardment from meteorites.

Once Hoagland zoomed in the image to get a clearer picture, he discovered unusual structure with a correct geometrical form, much like ruins. What was the reason for the double craters?” – He asks.

He doesn’t give a direct answer, but demonstrates slides of the ruins in Dresden, caused by the allied air forces. Perhaps the images in question and the collected data for the high (some reach several kilometers) structures on the Moon are the key to understanding why flights to the moon were halted so suddenly – piloted expeditions have been deemed extremely dangerous…

Everything strange on the Moon is complemented by ancient texts, more precisely the works of Ovid and Aristotle, who both state that the inhabitants of Greek Arcadia referred to themselves as “proselenes” which literally means “people who lived before the moon”.

In legends, this tribe is placed in an epoch when there was no Moon in the sky.

But van Flandern’s theory has one significant shortcoming – there is not a single physics model that could explain a sudden planetary explosion caused by natural events… That’s why he has proposed that such massive explosions are the works of alien civilizations, which possess the needed knowledge and technology.

Based on his data, Farrell made the following suggestions:

  • An ancient highly developed alien civilization was capable of interplanetary flight and had bases on the missing planet, Mars, the moon, and Earth.
  • The tales of “planetary warriors” mentioned in Sumerian and Egyptian legends were based on real events of an interplanetary war.
  • Earth-based weapons, possibly the pyramids of Giza, were used in this war to cause maximum damage to Mars.
  • This could mean that Mars and the missing planet were inhabited by the same race or they were allies in the war.
  • Earth may have had allies, too, but it’s more probable that whoever fought on the side of Earth, was alone against the two planets, and had to use weapons of mass destruction in order to emerge victorious.