Mysterious Symbol on Mountains in China

mysterious symbol

This supposed “Chinese symbol” was spotted eleven years ago when local photographer, Gao Shuxian, climbed up a newly built signal tower on the top of a mountain in the village of Matou, Sichuan Province. He noticed a strange pattern over the north of the forest, but couldn’t identify what it was.

Last year, Gao gave an interview for the Tencent News: “When I was standing on the signal tower 10 years ago, I saw that some trees in the cedar woods were somewhat different from the other trees. They were growing in lined radial patterns. I thought it was amazing, but I was unable to get the whole picture because the signal tower I was standing on was not high enough.”

Gao realized he could probably see the patterns using satellite maps online. There were three giant patterns formed by the trees that look like the Chinese symbol “犇,” which is the character for “run fast.” It is created by three “bull” characters “牛” side by side. The mysterious pattern spreads from northwest to southeast on the mountain, covering more than 4.8 square km (1,200 acres).

mysterious chinese symbol

It’s not difficult to see that the trees in the pattern are clearly different from the surrounding trees. They have a distinctive color and look somehow connected. The whole symbol is about 1 km (0.6 miles) long and 0.5 km (0.3 miles) wide.

The middle part of the symbol is the largest, and most complicated. It is formed by multiple crosses. The southeast character is the smallest, about 91 meters (300 feet) long and wide.

It is still not clear what the symbol means, as there are other visible lines, that aren’t included in the “run fast” character. There is no exploration going on and it remains a mystery whether the huge pattern is a natural formation, man-made, or related to antiquity. But if we consider the possibility that the symbol is man-made, then why would anyone put so much effort into this just to say “run fast”?