Unexplained Forces and the „Giza Deathstar“

Unexplained forces

Part I: The Pyramids of Giza Were Weapons of Mass Destruction

According to conventional science, it would have been impossible for the Great Pyramid to have been an extremely powerful weapon. From the point of view of modern physics (not accounting unknown energy fields or forces), the pyramid is able to create electricity of only several milliamps, which is barely enough to ignite a miniature lamp, let alone create an explosion of a whole planet.

Joseph Farrell asks the main question – is there evidence of highly advanced technology in the field of physics that can construct such a weapon?

There is a need to answer another question first – does modern physics allow for the making of such devices, at least theoretically?

Farrell answers his own question: “I believe that the answer to both of these questions is a cautious “yes”.  Hoagland also points out several peculiarities of the Martian ruins and craters:

“John Brandenburg, employee in the laboratory of Sandhya in Albuquerque, New Mexico has participated in the program for the development of nuclear weapons.

In 1983, when the president announced the start of the ballistic missile protection program, the laboratory was also among the first in the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization– the “Star Wars” program.

Brandenburg was very impressed by the Martian Face and began searching for more information. In the end, he contacted the Organization of freelance Mars researchers and became a member.

Is it possible that the Mars was destroyed by a nuclear holocaust?


Brandenburg suggests that the craters in the region of Mars are of foreign origin, per say – because craters from nuclear explosions are smaller, unlike those made by meteorites.

On the other hand, the craters that formed during the trials of Strategic Defense Initiative Organization were deep and similar to those of meteorites”, says Brandenburg.

The Giza Connection?

Arguments as to when the pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza were built are still going on to this day. The Great pyramid is a lot older than any other stone structure on Earth, but it is impossible to determine its exact age.

The more researchers learn about the Sphinx and the pyramids, the more questions they have. For example, the opening at the top of the Great pyramid is a lot older (in some cases 1 000 years older) than the opening at the base. Since the chemical makeup of the opening is unchanged, it would appear that the Pharaoh Khufu began building the pyramid in the air, moving down towards the ground…

Is it possible that we just don’t fully understand the true structure of time and space?

In 1968, scientists tried to find secret chambers in the pyramids by examining the flow of cosmic rays – if in fact there were hidden chambers in the pyramids of Giza then researchers would have been able to detect cosmic rays in them.

One of the researchers, Dr. Amr Goneid said that what they found would “challenge all known laws of physics”.

“Either the geometry of the pyramids is a solid mistake, which affected our measurements, or this is an unexplainable mystery: call it what you want – occultism, curse of the pharaohs, witchcraft, or magic, but inside the pyramids there is some force that breaks the laws of physics and nature,” Dr. Goneid told Times.

A group of scientists from NASA have studied the acoustic properties of the Great pyramid. In 1973, SRI International funded an expedition, led by Dr. Lambert Dolphin junior. The mission of the expedition was to search for secret chambers underneath the Sphinx.

The SRI expedition is quite suspicious because SRI International is an abbreviation of the Stanford Research Institute, which is in close relations with the American Department of Defense, as well as different intelligence agencies.

In 1996, a team of Egyptian scientists, led by Dr. Farouk El-Baz were supposed to open Gantenbrink’s Door on live television, but it never happened, despite all of the advertising.

What’s even more peculiar is the fact that Dr. El-Baz is an expert in planetary physics and has worked with NASA on creating the space program – “Apollo”. Why would an expert in planetary physics be studying the Great Pyramid?

An incredible fact, known to all Egyptologists, is that there is almost no information about the Giza monuments in ancient Egyptian texts, and in the few texts where such information can be seen, it appears to have a double meaning.

How do we explain this lack of information from a society which has recorded history so diligently?

The lack of information on the two great pyramids is just as mysterious as the pyramids themselves. If we were unable to see them today, then no one would believe that they actually existed.

The ancient Egyptians either thought that everyone knew of the pyramids, so they decided not to speak of them, or the people who lived at the time of their construction were not among the closed circle of the honored and were not allowed to know their purpose.

Lastly, if we are to believe the “weapon theory”, then we must take into account the fact that the pyramids were sealed and information to the public forbidden, writes Farrell in his book “The Giza Death Star„.