Ancient Mayans Were in Contact with ET?


It’s becoming more and more evident that mankind has established contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and although some people are skeptical about this fact, many are starting to realize what is really happening.

One of the most concrete proofs of alien contact consists of documents and photos of artifacts released in the recent past by the Mexican government.

These incredible discs were found by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). According to officials, the discs were discovered 80 years ago but were kept in secret by the Mexican government. The archaeological finds were presented for the first time in a documentary, called ”Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and beyond” (2006).

Photographs of the disks were first presented by Klaus Dona and Dr. Nassim Haramein during a conference held in Saarbrücken, Germany in June 2011.


Here’s what the images may represent:

(1) The two rings may represent the Earth and its atmosphere.

(2/3) It is believed that this is actually a comet or an asteroid, heading towards Earth.

(4) This illustration suspiciously looks like a spacecraft, set to deflect the comet/asteroid.

(5) We can clearly see an astronaut navigating a spacecraft.

(6) Another spacecraft, looking like the common depictions of flying saucers.


The highest ranking government official in Mexico, who had the audacity to speak freely about extraterrestrial life, is Luis Augusto García Rosado. He has spoken of contact between Mayans and aliens, mentioned in various codices, which the government has kept secret for decades. According to Rosado, there are 3000-year-old landing pads deep in the jungles of Mexico.

It’s interesting how such a breakthrough discovery doesn’t get the attention of the masses. Maybe we are still not ready for an extraterrestrial contact but then again, how come the Mayans were? Also, it is possible that the whole thing is a hoax, but if it isn’t, then we have some questions to ask.