Mystery of the Chinese Pyramids


They are so ancient and probably had certain functions which we haven’t yet figured out. And the height of the Great white pyramid in China was 300 meters, meaning that it was twice as high as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

But it is inaccessible to tourists. Why are the Chinese hiding these incredible monuments of ancient culture from the world?  Perhaps they figured out some of their secrets and their purpose, learned how to use them and don’t wish to share the knowledge with the rest of the world?

Discovery of the American Pilot

During the spring of 1945, U.S. Army Air Corps pilot, James Gaussman, was performing an exploratory flight over the territory of China. The engine chocked in the region of Qin Mountain, southwest of the city of Xi’an. The pilot was forced to fly lower and search for a place to land in case he needed to.

While flying over the valley, he discovered something unexpected. And here is how he describes it in his report: “I was flying around the mountains and reached a flat valley. Right in front of me was a giant white pyramid, enveloped with an almost unrealistic, light radiance. It seemed like it was made from metal or some sort of special rock. I flew over the silver-white giant several times. Most notable was its peak – a large piece of metal, resembling a precious stone.”


Gaussman was able to photograph the unusual site, since the exploratory plane was equipped with the most modern photograph equipment at that time. Experts from the Pentagon studied the photographs and came to the conclusion that the height of the pyramids is 300 meters, and the length of the sides of its base is 490 meters.

Gaussman’s report and the photos were hidden in the archives of the Pentagon under “Top Secret”. Former colonel, Maurice Sheahan, who was head of the Far Eastern division of the Trans World Airline, flew over the mysterious pyramid two years later. An announcement was made in the “New York Times” on March 28th, 1947. But it was met with much skepticism by scientists. And the discovery was forgotten for many years after that.

The Australian merchant and the Chinese pyramids

Fred Meyer Schroder was the first westerner to document the pyramids in 1912.One day, Schroder and his guide (local monk) were passing through the valley of Sichuan to the ancient Chinese capital – modern-day Xi’an.

He wrote in a diary about what he saw: “After several days of a tiring trek, we suddenly saw something rising in the distance. At first, it looked like a mountain, but when we neared, we saw that it was a structure with properly beveled borders and a flat top.”

And then, several more pyramids appeared: “We came upon them from the east and we saw that the group in the north consisted of 3 giant pyramids, and the rest of the pyramids were gradually getting smaller and the smallest one was to the south. They were spread out 6 or 8 miles across the valley, rising above the fields and villages. They were right under people’s noses and were left unknown to the Western world.”

The merchant noticed that the sides of all the pyramids were oriented according to the directions of the world. Unlike the Egyptian pyramids, the Chinese ones are covered with stone plates. Most of them have flat tops, and there were steps on their sides once which led to the top (which makes them more similar to the pyramids in Mexico), but they are buried under debris from the stones at the top. Trees and bushes have grown on the slopes because so much time has passed. This smoothens out the geometrical outlines of the pyramids and gives them a more natural appearance.


Schroder asked his guide how old the pyramids were, and the monk answered: “In our old books which were written 5 thousand years ago, these pyramids are mentioned as ancient, built before the ancient emperors, who said that they come from the sons of the Heavens who descended on Earth with their fiery, iron dragons.” One of these emperors, Huang-ti, is said to have come from the constellation Leo and went home after he ruled for a 100 years.

The site has not been discovered

In 1994, Australian man, Hartvig Hausdorf, was able to get permission to explore the mysterious region and to even make an 18-minute documentary. He discovered more than 100 pyramids on an area of 2000 square meters in the province of Shaanxi (in the region of Xi’an). A satellite image allowed for this number to increase 4 times.

But not one of the researchers was able to find the Great white pyramid. For example, Russian explorer, Maxim Yakovenko, identified the pyramid in the Tian Shan Mountains when he traveled to the valley in 2008.


In reality, this mountain is a large pyramid with 4 walls and a flat top, with a height of 300 meters. But each one of the walls was a different color: the north wall – black, east wall – blue/green, south wall – red and only the western wall was pure white. The flat top is covered with yellow dirt. However, James Gaussman (the American pilot) saw the structure as silver-white and only the height was described as the same.

But there are three such giant pyramids in the province of Shaanxi. And the Great white pyramid is not seen on the satellite images either. Is it possible that it could have been covered with something to saty hidden?

Transmitter on Earth

There might have been a connection between the Chinese pyramids and the Egyptian ones, the Central American ones and….the Martian ones. Some researchers believe that in every group of pyramids “exist all the harmony ratios, which allow all existing energy fields to resonate in unison.


It is known today that if we were to build electrical stations in different parts of the globe, and they are geometrically matching to one another then we would be able to communicate through the whole planet. It is possible that these ancient structures have been built precisely for this purpose… Communication might not have been limited only to Earth. With certain conditions, communication between different dimensions could have been possible, or communication through millions of miles in space. Planet Earth may have been used as a transmitter.