The biggest dinosaur in the world was as long and heavy as an Airbus A320

Representation at the scale of Patagotitan mayorum, an airbus A320, a man and an elephant
Representation at the scale of Patagotitan mayorum, an airbus A320, a man and an elephant

This Argentine herbivorous dinosaur weighed between 65 and 77 tons and was more than 36 meters long.

Patagotitan mayorum. This is the name of the biggest animal ever trampled on Earth. This „Patagonian Titan“ (an area south of Agentine and Chile) was a monster which, according to the Argentine palaeontologists who described it in Proceedings of the Royal Society B , was to weigh between 65 and 77 tons, and measure about 35 meters from the tip of the muzzle to the tip of the tail.

“ We describe here a new giant titanosaurus, which represents the largest specimen ever described so far, but also one of the most complete, “ the researchers in the publication are enthusiastic.


And for good reason, among the bones recovered, a femur measures not less than 2.40 meters!

The animal, whose skeleton was discovered in 2011 , lived during the Cretaceous period a little over 100 million years ago. It was found in the middle of a deposit containing several other fossils of these herbivorous giants (at least 6) that are sauropods. The animals are buried in three distinct geological layers.

This suggests that several generations of sauropods have succeeded each other in this region, which must therefore be conducive to the subsistence of these monsters who were to swallow immense quantities of vegetables to feed their gigantic organism. With several specimens, the researchers were able to conduct a phylogenetic analysis by comparing these bones with those of other members of the Titanosaure family.

The fossil of the animal, once reconstituted, had been exhibited at the Museum of Natural History in New York.