The dagger of Tutankhamen is of extraterrestrial origin


The dagger, discovered in 1925, after the opening of the sarcophagus of Tutankhamеn, is made of meteorite.

Francesco Porcia, a physics professor from the Turin Polytechnic Institute, who took part in the examination notes that upon its discovery, the 35-inch iron spike found in the mummy’s wrappings caused controversy in scientific circles, reports Tass.

„Iron artifacts from ancient Egypt were extremely rare. This material has value more than gold – underlines the scientist. – It’s amazing that no one has previously not analyzed this alloy. “

With the help of X-rays, scientists confirmed that the material of the blade comprises of 10% nickel and 0.6% cobalt. „This alloy is characteristic of meteorites. Extracting and combining these materials artificially in that era was absolutely impossible, “ says Porcia.

In his words, the researchers recalled the dagger of Tutankhamen after the discovery of a meteor crater of Kamil origin in the Egyptian desert.

One famous ancient papyrus tells of „iron fallen from the sky“ but no one has ever seriously considered „alien“ intervention regarding the origin of the material.