Unexplained Geoglyphs in the Sariesik-Atyrau Desert


Sariesik-Atyrau Desert occupies the center of the Balkhash-Alakul depression (Kazakhstan), south of the Balkhash Lake, between the Ili and Karatal rivers.

The area was inhabited between the 9th and 12th centuries by tribes who used the grasslands scattered throughout the whole desert.

Satellite images reveal a number of strange geoglyphs in the form of different lines, figures, spirals and circles. Detailed examinations have shown that the odd lines have the following characteristics: most of them are hundreds of meters long and ignore the particularities of the terrain.

геоглифи Сариесик Атирау

Most of the lines are between 1.5 and 3 to 4 meters wide, and when observed from the surface they look like roads. Some of the lines form complex spiral shapes which stand out with their geometrical perfection.

Who created the Sariesik-Atyrau geoglyphs?

To some extent, the geoglyphs in the Sariesik-Atyrau desert resemble the famous Nazca lines. The main difference is the complexity of the geometrical shapes – the Sariesik-Atyrau geoglyphs are mostly spirals and networks of interconnected lines.

Геоглифи Сариесик Атирау

Some claim that these geoglyphs are trails of ancient alien space crafts which were flying close to the surface.

If we are to look closely at the satellite images, we can clearly see a resemblance with the geophysical isoline maps, used by geologists to show valleys and hills, and the steepness of slopes.

Сариесик Атирау геоглифи

Actually, there isn’t an official explanation as to the nature of the Sariesik-Atyrau geoglyphs. Is it really possible that, sometime in the distant past, the area was used as an airport for alien air crafts? Nobody actually knows. Further research will be needed to prove or disprove this hypothesis.