68 Skulls with a “Third Eye” Found in China


Chinese experts were literally shocked by the remains of ancient skulls found in Urumqi. On all of the skulls there are holes of an unknown origin. They look like sockets for a “third eye”.

The skulls were discovered between 1986 and 1989, during excavations in Xinjang. The age of the skulls is estimated to be 2200-2800 years, reports TASS. Archeologists have two different sets of opinions regarding the holes.

Scientists are planning to turn to criminalists for help – it is possible that they will be able to determine the characteristics of the mysterious holes on the skulls. At the moment, some archaeologists believe that the holes in the skulls were from lethal wounds, received in encounters between different warrior tribes, located in the northeast part of China.

Others believe that the holes are traces of surgical interventions, done in order to save the lives of the ancient settlers of Xinjang. They provide as examples operations conducted in the distant past by the Aztecs and some other civilizations in South America. After having been operated on, their tribesmen would live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Furthermore, there is knowledge of the ritual called trepanation – Tibetan monks conducted such rituals using special technology so they may open the “third eye”.

In fact, even today the manipulations used to open the “third eye” are not always very innocent. The scandalous artist, Wafaa Bilal had to remove the built-in camera in his head.

His body rejected such an “upgrade” and his “third eye” on the nape of his neck did not survive. However, Bilal refuses to give up.