Strange Giant Face on Cliff in Canada

giant face
©Parks Canada/Tanya Dowdall

Nobody actually knows how this giant face appeared on a cliff in Canada. It is considered to be about 2 meters tall and was discovered by Hank Gus of the Tseshaht First Nation.

In 2008, the mysterious face was spotted by a kayaker who even sent a photo to Parks Canada but wasn’t able to identify its location. From then on, Hank Gus started searching for it, when in 2015 he finally pinpointed its actual location.

Gus estimated that it’s about 12 meters up from the bottom of the cliff and about 7 meters from the top. Further investigations would be extremely difficult due to violent waters and the steepness of the slope.

Parks Canada First Nation’s program manager Matthew Payne says: “The Tseshaht has lived in area for thousands of years, so we working with the First Nations to find out if there are any oral histories the face could link back to.”

Actually, the face could very well be a case of pareidolia – the brain recognizes faces in ambiguous stimuli such as clouds, coffee stains, and rocks. But the mystery remains – if this is not caused by pareidolia, then who carved this enormous relief and most importantly, why would anyone risk their life to put a face on a steep cliff in a remote region in Canada? Could this be the work of an advanced ancient civilization we know nothing about?


Even more mysterious is the fact that the giant face reminds of a carving on the door of the Tseshaht administration offices of “Ugi,” a symbol of the wind.