The Ghost Train Caught in a Time Loop

Ghost train
© EdSinger

These trains do not run on a set schedule – they appear and moments later disappear again. Where to?

According to some, they disappear into a parallel dimension, and others believe that they get lost in time. And there are those who believe that these trains go straight to the depths of hell. But in reality, no one actually knows where they come from or where they go. These trains do not stop at stations and do not take any passengers along for the ride. And if someone decides to jump on, they will simply vanish along with the entire ghost train.

Fog in the Tunnel

On June 14th, 1911, Italian railway company, “Zanetti” organized an advertising campaign to demonstrate a new type of excursion train. They set up a free trial ride for representatives of the community who were rich and high on the social ladder.

One afternoon, a three-car composition with 100 passengers and a crew of 6 left the train station in Rome. The passengers were to see all the local sights. The super long (for its time) 1 meter (3 feet) wide tunnel, carved in the mountains of Lombard, was of particular interest. While waiting to reach the tunnel, passengers were having the time of their life, drinking champagne and sharing gossip…

Just before reaching the tunnel the train slowed down and a gust of black smoke went up in the air. The train went into the tunnel and was forever lost.

Two passengers who felt that something was off, jumped from the decelerated train seconds before it went inside the tunnel. One of them later discussed the details about the incident in an Italian newspaper: “I heard an unclear humming sound. Beyond the black smoke, I could see a milky-white fog creeping from the tunnel – it literally swallowed the train like a wave. And with it the first car of our ill-fated train split open. It became so horrifying. The train was barely moving so I jumped from the car and my eyes caught another passenger who jumped at the same time. We both hit the ground hard, and that is the last thing I remember.”

Exploration of the tunnel was a waste of time – there was not a single trace to explain the reason for the disappearance of the train. The incident gained popularity very quickly. Frightened Italians avoided using the railway. And the tunnel was closed down. During World War II, a bomb ended up blasting the tunnel’s arch opening, which completely cut off access to it.

Devil’s Composition

One Medieval Italian chronicle of the monasteries in Modena tells the story of a strange, supernatural event. Once, a large train composition was closing in on the walls of the monastery. Monks described it as a sled with a pipe, dragging three smaller ones behind it. On top of that, suffocating black smoke was spouting from its pipes. It couldn’t have been anything other than a Devil’s doing!

Panic spread throughout the monastery. Monks hid in the church, and began chanting prayers to expel the horned enemy of mankind. Two messengers of the Devil emerged from a train car – both clean-shaven and wearing black clothes. They attempted to infiltrate the monastery but its firmly barred gates, chants of the monks and the will of the Virgin Mary did not allow this kind of sacrilege.

This chronicle was being stored in the region of Casta Solea, among an incredible collection of ancient records, collected by many generations of the Sadjino Family. And believe it or not, one of the passengers who had jumped from the Zanetti train was the owner of this property. After reading about the medieval accident, suddenly he thought: what if this devil trail described in the chronicle is the same as the one that I jumped from?

Sir Sadjino wanted to familiarize himself in detail with the Medieval texts, but unfortunately that was impossible – the original manuscript was destroyed by a powerful earthquake which hit the region of Messina. It wasn’t out of the question that the disappearance of the train had been connected in some way with the earthquake.

Italians in a Mexican Frenzy

A psychiatrist living in Mexico in the 1940’s, who took meticulous doctor notes, wrote the following: “One hundred and four people have been admitted in the local infirmary. Their diagnosis is: mass insanity and it is the same in every patient. What a rare occurrence!

All patients are acting completely erroneously, and not comprehending anything of what they are told. The truth of the matter was that none of them were Mexican or Spanish. They were Italians. An interesting fact was that none of them belonged to any ship company – I checked myself.

What’s even more incredible is that each one of them claimed to have arrived aboard the ghost train of Zanetti. And not just from anywhere but from Rome. Our local fools even went as far as to believe that this was a sign from God and that these Italian patients were emissaries from the Eternal City. But this cannot be – trains do not travel on water!”

The fate of these travelers remains a mystery. They couldn’t have kept them in psychiatric facilities forever…

Curse of the Black Prince

On October 29th, 1955, a signalman on duty at the railway near the city of Balaklava (Ukraine) witnessed an unannounced train heading for the barrier of the station, and it was running where there were no tracks.

And here is what he told famous writer, Nikolai Cherkashin: “I rubbed my eyes, thinking that I was only imagining things – it’s not possible for a train to run where there are no tracks, but there it was – a locomotive with 3 passenger cars! And the entire composition did not seem to be one of ours – it seemed like it was from the war, or from an even earlier period in time.

It was coming from the Gasfort Mountain with no lights. A true ghost! And suddenly I heard the arrows move. I was only able to lower the barrier…”

On the same day, the “Novorossiysk” ship had exploded. How are the two accidents connected?

In the 19th century there was a cemetery underneath Gasfort Mountain, in which Italian soldiers were buried after the storming of Sevastopol (Crimean War). Later, a railway from Balaklava was constructed on top of the cemetery. But after the revolution of 1917 it was destroyed since it was no longer necessary. In other words, the ghost train had run along ghost tracks, which did in fact exist at one point in time.

In 1955, an amazing chapel was barbarically and mercilessly blown up on the Italian cemetery and the souls who perished with it were left with no heavenly patronage. Could it be that the mysterious train had come for them?

The exploded ship, “Novorossiysk” first belonged to Italy and was called “Julius Caesar”. In 1948 it was handed over to the Soviet Union as reparation. But commander of the legendary secretive division of the underwater spies, Valerio Borghese, known as The Black Prince, remained loyal to Mussolini after the war. He organized a party called “Black Order” and vowed that not one Italian ship would become Russian.

It seems that it would be difficult to blame the fate of “Novorossiysk” on Borghese himself, who had long retired from his post at the time. But…he was the second passenger who had jumped from the lost train. And this could not have been a complete coincidence. The curse of the Black Prince had intertwined with those who were tortured during the explosion of the chapel and as a result – with the fate of the ship.

Time Machine

Railways are truly one of the most impressive inventions of mankind. The metal networks that cover the continents are without a doubt affecting the natural geophysical field of Earth, which means that time sequence is affected as well.

The railways of the world are the kind of machines that carry people not only through physical space but through time as well.

The massive earthquake with its epicenter in Messina which occurred sometime before the disappearance of the Italian train, caused monstrous cracks not only in the rocky soil, but in the chronal field as well.

The “chronal hole” above the mountain tunnel could have sent the train from our normal three dimensional space into a four dimensional one where time (chronal field) attains depth as well as continuity.

And that is why the mysterious composition, which disappears from its usual vector time, began roaming freely in the past, present, and future. But since its movement is determined by strict special coordinates (the tracks), it could only run through places which once were covered with tracks.

The ghost train got lost in time and, determined to return home to Rome, it continued frightening people for all time.