The Healing Forces of Pyramids

healing forces of pyramids

What makes the pyramids so special and why are they considered to be one of the wonders of the world?

Nobody knows for sure how and for what reason were they built.  According to some researchers the pyramids use the healing energy of the Universe and focus the magnetic field of the Earth.

The Great Pyramid of Giza was built using 6 million tons of accurately cut out stones. It was constructed so precisely that even the modern architects with sophisticated machinery are not able to reproduce it.

The Great Pyramid. Wikimedia Commons
The Great Pyramid. Wikimedia Commons

How could the Egyptians have created it so accurately more than 4 000 years ago? This remains a mystery.

The length of the side of its base is 231 meters. The average height of the land above sea level is 138 meters, which is exactly the height of the pyramid today.

At the very beginning the pyramid was coated with massive polished white limestone tiles. That is why thousands of years ago it looked like a giant mirror which reflected the sunlight to such an extent that it could be seen even from space. Based on this fact the ancient Egyptians called it “the wondrous light”.


Many of the stones from the pyramid’s base were removed and used for the construction of temples. It is also important to note that the Great Pyramid is situated in the geographic center of the Earth.

The healing forces of the pyramids

In 1959, Czech scientist Karel Drbal received a patent number 91304 for his “method for sharpening razor blades in a pyramid” when he found out that a blade placed in a pyramidal container becomes sharper.

Some believe that the Great Pyramid was constructed for a deliberate amplification of the background energetic fields of the Earth at a subatomic or quantum level. Obviously, there is an unknown physical field, similar to the electromagnetic or gravitational ones. It affects the materials placed in the pyramid and is the reason for the sharpening of the blade.


Ex-workers from the military-industrial complex of the USSR built many different pyramids in Russia and Ukraine, following the fall of the Berlin Wall. There, scientists conducted various researches.

Alexander Golod's pyramid. © Kolya&Masha
Alexander Golod’s pyramid. © Kolya&Masha

All experiments were performed under the control of professors from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the Institute of Paediatrics, the Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University, and the All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute.

The influence of the pyramids

  1. Storage of medical substances (venoglobulin) in the pyramid made the drug three times more effective.
  2. Mice were given equal doses of the same carcinogen. As a result, 60% of the rodents placed in a pyramid survived, in comparison with just 7% survival rate in the control group. This means that the poisons and viruses in the pyramid became less toxic and harmful.
  3. When a pyramid was positioned above an oil field, this led to an increase in the production of oil with up to 30%.
  4. Seeds preserved in the pyramid for a certain period of time gave from 20 to 100% more production.
  5. Water located in a pyramid becomes self-purified.
  6. Wilted flowers in close proximity to pyramids start to grow again.
  7. The molecular structure of rocks positioned in the center of a pyramid changes and they become white on top. This experiment was reproduced 40 times with 40 different rocks.

However, scientists cannot give an accurate explanation for the “miracles” happening around the pyramids.


Obviously, life holds some type of energy which sustains its own existence and this energy, apparently, is present in the pyramids.

Pyramids may act as a funnel for focusing energy and information fields of the Earth, or may create a focus in the electromagnetic frequencies around the Earth.


Could the pyramids create a stream directed in the field of the zero point energy, similarly to Nikola Tesla’s technology?

Maybe that is why the ancient Maya were obsessed with the construction of pyramids and excavated them in mountains whenever they could.