According to Iraqi Minister, The Sumerians have visited space 7000 years ago


Iraqi minister says that the Sumerians discovered and visited Pluto using a spacecraft thousands of years ago.

The minister of Transportation Kazem Finjan (Kazem Finjan) told journalists that ancient civilization built the first spaceport in the world in Iraq 5000 years BC.

The Sumerians are the first major human civilization existed on the territory of Iraq and reached its peak from 2700 to 2400 BC.

The New Arab newspaper writes that according to Iraqi Minister Finjan spaceport has served as a place for utilization of space, and Pluto was discovered by the Sumerians as a result of space travel.

In support of his allegations, the Minister urged the audience to get acquainted with the work of experts, which sheds light on awareness of the Sumerians of the Solar system.