Does Time Exist?


What is time and why everyone seems to have forgotten that it’s a creation of humankind and does not exist naturally?

In nature, there are periodical processes which we chose to use as a standard for the coordination of our actions. Transition of matter occurs naturally and some processes occur faster than others and we can see and feel them.

In the Universe, transition of matter occurs all the time – one quality becomes another, and this process could be reversible or irreversible. Reversible processes do not change the qualitative state of matter. If there is a qualitative change, we can observe an irreversible process, evolution of matter happens in one direction – from one quality to another, and that’s why we can measure them quantitatively.

To measure this change of speed, we have created a conditional unit, called a second. Seconds become minutes, minutes – hours, and so on. We have created these units with the help of natural processes like the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. The reason for their creation is that it we can apply them in our daily lives. And that’s how the main unit called Time is spread all over the world.

Let’s take for example an irreversible process – the burned wood has ceased to exist in its form, and time (counting from beginning to the end of the burning process) is its transition to another state. Time is just a consequence of these processes.

The past turns out to be a qualitative state of matter which occurred earlier, present is a qualitative state which happens at the moment, and future is what matter will become after changing its existing qualitative state.

The irreversible process of qualitative transformation of matter occurs with a certain speed. In different points of space, processes occur with different speeds. That’s why it is useful to create the artificial concept of time.

Matter is different from energy. Physics says that energy cannot exist without matter. Energy is a property of matter which occurs when matter (the burned wood) transitions to another qualitative state. Just like time, energy is only a consequence, too.

It’s interesting to note that many civilizations on Earth have created similar calendars. Time just allowed humankind to organize its activities and to simplify interactions between individuals. The unit called time is one of the greatest human inventions, but we have to remember that it was created artificially to describe the speed of qualitative transformation in matter.

The occurrence of natural processes is objective and real, units of time are conditional and unreal. That’s why we can never use time as a real dimension. The fourth dimension – time – just does not exist in nature. The widespread usage of the term have created the illusion of reality of time.

Time is not real but the processes, occurring in nature, are. We change our concepts unconsciously and merge our view of time. In most theories about the nature of the Universe, time is considered an objective reality. But objective reality means the processes, occurring in matter, not the conditional unit used for measuring the speed of the occurrence…