Is your blood rhesus negative? A new theory suggests that your DNA does not come from the earth


A new interesting theory suggests that if you have a negative blood RH, you may have some kind of „foreign DNA“. Studies show that negative blood rhesus does not carry the gene from the rhesus monkey.

So, if we all come down from the monkeys, why do some people do not carry this essential gene?

There are 4 types of blood we know: A, B, AB and O. These differences are classified according to the different proteins found on the surface of our blood cells that fight bacteria in the body. Most people have these proteins which means they have a positive Rh. But a very minor group, only 10 to 15% of people have a negative Blood Rh.

This means that they lack some of the proteins present in people with positive HR.

Scientists have questioned the exact provenance of the Rh-negative blood group, which dates from about 35,000 years ago. It seems to come from certain groups and tribes of people. Approximately 40-45% of Europeans have a negative Rh group but only 3% of African-Americans and 1% of Asian people have a negative Blood Rh.

The characteristics that come with this type of blood are: 

  • higher IQ 
  • lower body temperature
  • psychological and emotional differences
  • redhead or Auburn
  • sensitivity to heat
  • mainly blue, green or hazel eyes.

If a pregnant woman has a negative Blood Rh, her body will reject or attack the fetus if she has a positive Blood Rh. Women with a negative Rh should be treated with a special sterilization solution during their pregnancy.
Why would the mother’s body attack her own offspring?

It’s almost like a stranger to her.

So that’s where it gets interesting. There is no new theory that extraterrestrials exist or that they have visited our planet for centuries. But many people say they have abductions and interactions with other extraterrestrial beings, and most of these people have a negative Blood Rh. Some people believe that this type of blood comes from the Sumerians or Annunakis.

With the fundamental understanding that aliens exist this theory is not nonsense. There are innumerable theories surrounding the possibility of genetic alteration from other species. Throughout history there have been so many ancient texts and works of art depicting beings visiting our planet. So what do you think is possible?