Mystery of the Emerald Tablets

Emerald tablets

Most often they are described as rectangular green plaques, containing many embossed inscriptions, which resemble the ancient Phoenician alphabet. And even though in many translations these tablets are pointed out as the source, the original artifacts have not yet been discovered.

Even just a bit of research on the mysterious texts, called the Emerald tablets, will leave you speechless. Translations of the text reveal ancient secrets, which are known only to hermetic priests and alchemists, but the origins of the mysterious tablets remain unknown.

The texts have been subjected to conflicting information, confusing speculations and personal beliefs. Actually, depending on the source, the tablets could be 1 200 years old or 38 000.

If there is a set of engraved emerald tablets out there, where could it be?  According to some speculations, the tablets are hidden somewhere in the Giza plateau. Some say that they could have been placed in the Ark of the Covenant.

Basically, the text is a resume of the principles of alchemy. The secrets of the Philosopher’s stone are also written on them. All of those secrets are related to the transformation of matter (transmutation). For alchemists, the most important transmutation if the transforming of “base metals” into gold. How these two “prima materia” (first matter) are actually defined, however, is up to the reader.

Even though some believe that the power of alchemy comes from a formula which literally transforms one physical substance into another (base metal into gold), modern followers of mysticism believe that the secret lies in the symbolism.  In terms of mysticism, “base metal” means the base human mind, and the “gold” means the transformation of a simple human into a conscious creator or an enlightened being.


According to explorers, the tablets were hidden in a special secret chamber under the Great Pyramid of Giza, but have been discovered in the 14th century BC. But that is not the only theory when it comes to the alleged discovery of the priceless artifacts.

According to another myth, the legendary philosopher and priest – Hermes Trismegistus, was traveling to Ceylon (modern-day Sri Lanka) and discovered the tablets in a secret cave. After studying then, Hermes learned the secrets of traveling in “both the heavens and Earth”. According to a legend, he spent the rest of his life traveling throughout Asia and the Middle East, helping people as a healer and a teacher.

An interesting fact is that, according to the sacred Hindu text, Mahanirvanatantra, Hermes and Buddha are actually the same person, and both of them are called “son of the Moon”.

The author of the Emerald tablets is yet another mystery. Some believe that they were written 38 000 years ago by Thoth, the king priest of Atlantis. And others propose that the tablets were the doing of one of Adam and Eve’s sons. There are other opinions which suggest that the author of the mysterious tablets is an Arab by the name of Balinas, who created them between the 6th and 8th centuries CE.

We know for a fact that, at least in the translated versions, the author is signed as Hermes Trismegistus. But the text appears for the first time after the 6th century CE. Balinas claims that he discovered the tablets in a special chamber under a statue of Hermes in central Turkey. Inside the chamber, there was an elderly man, sitting on a golden throne and holding the mysterious tablets in his hands.

Some Jewish followers of mysticism believe that the real author is Seth (son of Adam and Eve). After that, they ended up in the hand of Noah who hid them in a cave near Hebron. According to a legend, they were then discovered by Sarah, the wife of Abraham.

Even though the origins of the tablets are shrouded in mystery, there is full consent among ancient and modern-day alchemists about one thing – alchemy was invented in Egypt, before the time of Pharaohs. This knowledge was a gift from the Gods in the period of the „First Time” or Zep Tepi. According to a legend, god-like creatures arrived in Egypt and gifted people with advanced technologies, which allowed direct transformation of matter. It is believed that, during this period, Thoth created, or brought the Emerald tablets. But when was this “First Time”? According to some sources, it was more than 12 000 years ago.

One key “truth” presented by the Emerald tablets is the phrase “As Above, So Below” which means, that if oneness is to be reached, one must understand that whatever happens on one level of reality (physical, emotional and mentally), happens on all other levels as well. If these tables really originate from Egypt, the wisdom of ancient Egyptians is no more than a reflection of a far older knowledge.

However you choose to interpret the translated texts, one aspect leaves very little space for interpretation – the actual existence of the original Emerald tablets. Despite the claims, made by sages, alchemists and followers of mysticism, no one has yet announced the discovery (or re-discovery) of the original tablets.

Did translators, among which are, Balinas, Isaac Newton, Aleister Crowley, and Albertus Magnus, really see the tablets? If not, then why would so many people lie about their existence? Were the tablets some kind of elaborate scheme, meant to shroud certain social groups in mystery? Or was someone trying to control society with fear?

Perhaps we will never know the answers to all the questions surrounding the mysterious Emerald tablets, but we do know that they would contain information, which many alchemists throughout history have tried to hide -information which we can use to transform matter…or even ourselves.