Mystery of the Tsarichina Hole

Tsarichina Hole

The Tsarichina Hole is one of the most mysterious places in Bulgaria. Although there is a lot of information on what might have happened there, the evidence is scarce and nothing is actually proven. The official information about the excavations conducted more than 20 years ago is classified and not available to the public.

After the end of the official excavations, the entrance to the hole is filled with concrete and nobody actually knows what the military found there and why was the undergoing mission stopped so abruptly. There are different theories, but the Tsarichina Hole’s secret is yet to be revealed. None of the participants in the excavations wants to talk about this bizarre place.

The military showed interest in the Tsarichina Hole when two remote viewers reported that they were receiving signals coming from inside the hole. The signals allegedly came from the first human ancestor who was neither man, nor woman. The official story was that the famous treasure of Tsar Samuil may be located in Tsarichina Hole and the military was just trying to retrieve it for the antiquities authorities.

What is the Tsarichina Hole and why is it called the “Bulgarian Area 51”?

On 6 December, 1990, the military started excavations near the village of Tsarichina, Sofia (Bulgaria). As mentioned above, the official reason was search for the treasure of Tsar Samuil. The secret operation continued for two years, because digging was extremely hard. At some points the excavators stopped working and military personnel had to dig with shovels and pickaxes.


Then, they allegedly reached a 160-meter-long, spiral-shaped tunnel. Some of the participants reported bizarre occurrences, such as strange lights, UFOs, energies flowing through them, and many others.

After not having particular success with the excavations, the military personnel and remote viewers turned to the famous seer Baba Vanga (grandmother Vanga), who told them that, indeed, there was a skeleton hidden in the hole, but it was neither man, nor woman, and people should not interrupt its peace.

After the chilling advice given by Baba Vanga, one of the remote viewers quit the mission, while the other, Eli Loginova remained determined to find out who or what was giving her telepathic signals. In 1992, she received a signal again. She was told that the skeleton of the first human ancestor was only six meters from the point where the military had stopped excavating.

But the government decided to stop the operation and to fill the entrance with concrete. There are numerous speculations as to why this decision was made, but the sad truth is that we may never know. Tsarichina Hole remains one of the most mysterious places, not only in Bulgaria, but in the whole world.