Secret of the Levitating Rocks of Shivapur

Levitating rocks

There are many versions as to how the pyramids and other megalithic structures were built, which include the use of winches, mechanical, and hydraulic devices but that’s not probable while the idea of using gravity to maneuver the rocks explains everything in a more fascinating way.

Traces and working remainders of such technology are preserved to this day, and the only thing left to do is to give them proper attention and analysis.

An interesting place exists in India – the village of Shivapur, located near the city of Pune. Two very strange rocks are located not far from the local temple. One of them weighs 55 kg (121 lb) and the other – 41 kg (90 lb). If 11 people place their hands on the larger rock at the same time, and 9 touch the smaller one and everyone mutter a magical phrase in a very specific way, the two rocks raise up two meters from the ground and float in the air for about a second, as if gravity does not affect them.

This phenomenon has been witnessed multiple times. Scientists from around the world visit Shivapur very often, but a scientific explanation for this marvel has yet to be found. It is unknown who placed the rocks there. Also, the mystery remains as to the significance of the number of people – eleven and nine.

In the same village of Shivapur, in the garden of the local temple, lies another interesting rock, weighing 62.5 kg (137 lb). During day prayers, 11 monks encircle the rock and begin chanting the name of the saint in whose honor the temple was built. During the chant, when a peak of a specific note is reached, the monks can lift the rock with only one finger.

When the monks stop chanting, they step back and the rock falls down on the ground.

How does it work?

As in every magic trick, the main thing is hidden from the eyes of spectators. In the complex of the temple or in the vicinity, there is a megalithic generator which is maintained by staff of the cult. Because the audience only sees the rock, it creates an illusion that people can overcome gravity without any sort of contraptions.

Let us focus on the fact that if 11 people touch the larger rock and 9 touch the smaller one and all at one they chant the magic phrase on a specific note, the two rocks lift 2 meters from the ground for about a second, as if there is no gravity whatsoever.

The wave energy interaction with the gravitational background of the Universe allows, with the help of the resonance of physic-chemical properties of O-H (water) and Si-O (silicon), for extra energy to be received in the device.

In this case, the number of people (9 or 11) creates the opportunity for interaction between the elastic acoustic wave with the vertical one (gravitational) – a component, which allows for extra energy in the rock.

Creation of megalithic energy begins with the physicochemical properties of O-H (water). We should mention that every human being is made up of 75% water. Saying the magic phrase with a specific tone creates an opportunity for the formation of an elastic acoustic wave in an energy flow in the physicochemical properties of O-H in water and the following transition in the physicochemical properties of Si-O (silicon) of the rock.

That is why touching the flat cylindrical top of the rock and repeating the magic phrase with a specific tone creates opportunities for the formation of an elastic acoustic wave in the energy flow on a level of physicochemical properties of Si-O of silicon with the oncoming energy flow of physicochemical properties of Si-O of silicon in the megalithic generator.

The form and size of the rocks are chosen, assuming the size of the waves, used in the given process. The oncoming flows of wave energy on the level of Si-O of silicon create an effect of repulsion, similar to the interaction between the same poles of a magnet.

The levitation of the rocks in the village of Shivapur, graphically shows that in ancient times, use of megalithic energy may have helped with construction of the pyramids and other giant structures.

The original article was published in Еnergyvacuum.