The Lost City of Giants in the Jungles of Ecuador

city of giants

Ancient Ecuadorian legends speak of cities of giants, abandoned long ago and with time swallowed by nature. But discoveries prove that these legends are in fact the truth.

Actually, Ecuadorian legends are not the only ones of their kind. Tribes from all over the Amazon speak of ancient civilizations of giants, who built enormous cities long before “normal” humans existed.

Such a legend compelled researchers to head for the rainforests of Ecuador back in 2012. Several tribes had used the place for diplomatic meetings, and it is believed that ghosts inhabited those grounds. The place is sacred, and locals speak of its creators with fear and respect. The reason for such honor becomes clear only after the researchers noticed all of the megalithic structures.

The largest construction was a pyramid which was 880 by 80 meters in size, and its slope was way too steep for it to be a natural occurrence. The pyramid is built from hundreds of enormous, irregularly-shaped stones each of them weighing about two tons. The top of the pyramid was a flat and  was probably used for ceremonies and offerings.

„It looks like a paved wall, which falls under a 60 degree angle,” explains archeologist Benoit Duverneuil. „ Many of the stones are perfectly positioned, with sharp edges and seem like they were carved by a human hands.”

In time, dirt covered the stones preserving them perfectly. To stick the stone blocks together, the builders used a mixture that looks a lot like cement. It would seem that these builders of had knowledge far beyond their time.

But, the tools are the most interesting evidence. They were huge, very old and laid out everywhere throughout the forest. The purpose of some of the tools remains a mystery, but it is believed that most were used for metallurgy. One thing is for sure – given their size, it would be extremely difficult for a normal-sized human to wield them.

Researcher and writer, Bruce Fenton, was part of the expedition and believes that the tools speak for themselves.

“What really proves that giants once existed in this region, are the giant hammers, or rather the heads of hammers. If we were to assume that the heads were fastened to durable wooden handles, the size of the whole instrument would be so large that the local Native American civilization wouldn’t be able to use them.”

It is important to mention that this is not the first evidence of ancient civilizations of giants in this region. Throughout the the whole continent of America, bones of giant human beings have been found. The evidence keeps on piling up, and this means that it might be necessary to rewrite history yet again.

It’s no surprise that this significant discovery was overlooked by the government. In 2013, the Ecuadorian Department of Culture sent their own team of researchers to explore the place. Their conclusion was that the whole thing was a natural process of formation of two ton stones on top of each other – hilarious, isn’t it.

Of course, Fenton and his colleagues disagree. The size and form of the stones, the precision with which they were cut and placed, their burnish and assembly into a giant pyramid – all of this clearly shows that the pyramid couldn’t have been a natural occurrence.

Even more to the point, there are several more mounds around that still haven’t been excavated. There is probably a whole city of pyramids in that region, and as history has taught us, such cities are usually built around one central pyramid, in which lay the remains of a great leader. If this is a city of giants, then who was their leader?

Unfortunately, Fenton explains that a lot of the artifacts have already been stolen or lost. This will further complicate our understanding of the real history of human kind.