The Magnetic Fat Boys of Guatemala

magnetic fat boys

These Pre-Olmec figures are not only strange looking, but provide proof that our ancestors possessed knowledge of magnetic properties. How was is it possible for them to have such knowledge? The statues of the so-called fat boys were found in 1976 by geographer Vincent Malmström.

These unusual figures are located in the town square of La Democracia in south Guatemala. Like most ancient statues, these are large, with human heads and bodies, but lack genitalia. What makes them different is the fact that they are fat and possess magnetic properties.

What’s even stranger is that these stone figures date back 4000 years ago, yet the earliest evidence of experiments with magnetics comes from China and only dates back 2000 years ago.

“Despite not being beautiful works of art, the fat boys possess a certain characteristic that makes them a true mystery – most of them are magnetically charged,” explains Malmström.


If the sculpture depicts a head, more often than not it is magnetic on the right side of the head. If it depicts a body, then the charge is near the navel. Despite this, no holes have been found in the bodies to signalize some sort of manipulation. Every sculpture has two poles of opposite charges which are located near one another and together form U-shaped magnetic field.

At the moment, there are 12 known such statues, and 11 of them are in the town square, while the 12th is located at the entrance of the town museum. Five of the statues represent human bodies, six are heads and one of them looks like an enormous bowl.


“Four of the five bodies have magnetic properties, as well as four of the six heads,” adds Malmström. The fat boys obviously come from the Pre-Olmec period – they are made by the ancestors of the earliest known civilization of Mesoamerica. The sculptors did not place stones with magnetic charge in the sculptures – the stones had already been magnetized.”

Of course, we have to ask ourselves if the sculptors did have even the slightest knowledge that their sculptures had such magnetic force. And if they were aware, how did they figure it out without having any iron? Had everything been a matter of luck? And if they, in fact had knowledge of this did they put the magnetized parts on the right side of the head and navel on purpose?

One thing is for sure – the magnetic properties of the fat boys of Guatemala are one of the many examples that ancient civilizations were far more intelligent than what we give them credit for.