The Bon religion – the secrets of the ancient Tibetan teachings

The Bon religion, религията бон

The Bon religion came into being at a time when on Earth, as written in the first book of the „Mahabharata“ – „Adi Parva“,  lived the legendary Nagas – demigods with a snake body and several human heads.

The Nagas are mentioned in ancient Chinese treatises, and in the only preserved Bon manuscript dating from the 6th century, and in numerous legends of the peoples living in the western part of Tibet.

People, who were under the authority of the Nagas, yearned to be free of their domination. And it happened – the man got independence 18,000 years ago when the Teacher – Tonpa Shenrab descended from the sky at the foot of Mount Meru.

He taught the indigenous peoples to worship the White god in heaven, to bow before the Black Goddess of the Earth, before the Red Tiger and the Furious Dragon; he also taught them the secret how to rule over the mighty Nagas, the many spirits and the forces of nature. The first symbol of the Bon religion was the swastika, rotated in a counterclockwise direction, which represented the eternal struggle of man with the elements and the worlds beyond.

At the time of the setting in of the Buddhism the Bon religion was widespread in India, Persia, South Siberia, Central Asia and China. But the need to establish centralized monarchical countries led to the point that Asian rulers began to persecute the followers of the traditional faith and to impose Buddhism.

In the 7th century BC, in the time of the Tibetan Emperor Drigum Tsenpo many of the Bon monasteries were closed, many of the manuscripts of the “heretical” religion were destroyed and its adepts – chased away from Tibet. Following the Bon religion was forbidden under threat of death all the way to the 9th century AD. But the ancient doctrine managed to survive and in 1017, after the discovery of esoteric texts, guarded for centuries, the Bon religion was again presented to the world, now updated and systematized. It is believed that Shenzhen Luga is responsible for the revival of „the faith of our ancestors“.

The secret scripts of Bon reported that the doctrine was called „Bon – peaks of the Universe“ and comes from the depths of the human history that originated more than 50,000 years ago. When the Teacher, that emanation of the Supreme world, came on Earth, the doctrine took the name „Bon Swastika.“

True followers of the Bon religion believe that the world consists of three spheres – universes: a white one – the heavenly realm of the gods, a red one – the earthly realm of the people and a blue one – the lower area of ​​the water spirits. In mystical tree grows through these realms and allows the inhabitants of different worlds to communicate with each other.

The heavenly and the lower world of Bon are home of many powerful entities that have a permanent impact on the world of men.

Sparse, semi-mythical records of the extreme power of the Bon lamas indicate that the first of them – rulers of the mysterious country Agartha are hidden in the caves of the Himalayas and have prompted many people around the world to seek contact with the priests of the religion receipt.

For example, Emperor Ashoka, who lived in the 3rd century BC., waged a war against the neighboring kingdom of Kalinga, whose residents were Bon followers, but the emperor suffered a crushing defeat. The reason was the secret knowledge that the Bon lamas had. After that Ashoka devoted himself to the study of sacral mysteries of Bon, and shortly before his death created the Society of the Nine Unknown, which allegedly still exists today.

Modern researchers believe that shaman practices of the indigenous peoples of Siberia, Kamchatka, North and South America are rooted in the ancient religion Bon.

Travelers who stayed in Tibet in the 20th century claimed that the followers of the Bon religion built odd shaped stone stupas at some places, light sacred fires and preform magical dances over the bodies of deceased relatives while pronouncing spells in an ancient language, just like thousands of years ago.

The exact meaning of these spells is known only to the initiated lamas who continue their centuries-long work in their quiet cells.