The Maya Cosmic Ruler

Cosmic Ruler

A lot of explorers believe that Mayans were in contact with aliens, and several artifacts seemingly back up their hypothesis.

The first artifact that comes to mind is a tombstone in an ancient temple in the Mexican city of Palenque. According to some, the illustration depicts a pilot and his jet aircraft. This tombstone was popularized by Erich von Däniken’s documentary, called “Memories of the Future” and since then, many believe that an alien is buried under it.

And truly, one can see a control board, an oxygen mask placed on the pilot’s face, a jet engine with reservoirs, and the flame coming out from the rocket nozzles. It went so far that NASA specialists, with the help of a computer algorithm, began making a model of the ancient aircraft and came to the conclusion that in technical terms, it was way ahead of modern-day airplanes.


On top of that, some researchers saw recognized it as the famous Vimanas– a transcontinental transport for sages. So, would this be evidence of ancient extraterrestrial existence in the lands of the Mayans?

Let us explore this mysterious artifact from the point of view of ancient knowledge – the culture and mythology of the Mayans. First, let us choose a right angle of the tombstone – horizontally, the way it’s shown in Däniken’s documentary, and vertically – the way it’s shown to those who enter the tomb. You can see right away that at the top of the illustrated object there is a creature, resembling a bird. Its presence immediately disproves the theory of an “aircraft”. This is the sacred bird, Quetzal – a symbol of freedom and the heavens, according to Mayan mythology. And at the bottom it is not an engine but rather the mask of the underworld demon, Zipacna, gatherer of human sins.

Now, let’s see who is sitting in the „spaceship“. There is no doubt for archeologists that this is Pacal Votan, legendary ruler of the Mayans, considered a great sage and sorcerer in 7th century AD. He is also illustrated under the tombstone (written in Mayan records), and the anatomy of the body (structure of the skull and legs) that is illustrated on the bar-relief and buried underneath the tombstone, is also similar. Scientists have studied the remains and now it is certain that they belong to a normal human being from Earth.

Then what kind of contraption is illustrated on the bar-relief if it’s not an aircraft? The entire arsenal of the ancient civilization’s objects can be searched without discovering anything of the sort. And from this comes a very intriguing theory – no less intriguing than the one about the alien spaceship.

Another unusual bar-relief has also been discovered in the same temple. Unfortunately, it is located in such a place that it is impossible to photograph, so we will describe the illustration. Votan, his son, and practically the same object as the one the tombstone can be seen on this bar-relief. It is obvious that the illustration depicts a Mayan ritual. The part, which looks like an oxygen mask upon first look, is located in the hands of Votan.


Mayan records mention the “Tree of life” of Pascal Votan. This is a universal philosophical system, which allowed for the understanding of the way of public events and could even predict them. The system was accessible to a small group, and it remains a mystery for us as well. But let’s try to figure out the basic principle of “The tree of life”, using other records of ancient cultures.

First, we will look at the Mayan calendars, which are also connected to Pascal Votan. They do not only describe the course of astronomical events, but, judging by the pictograms, public events as well.

Since we do not possess further sources for the Mayans, which can help us figure out the mystery, we will turn to the Ancient East. Here, we can find something similar to the “Tree of life” – there is a description of the supreme world of destiny in some Taoist books, whose objects are compared with the trunks of trees, and the cause/effect relations – with the branches and roots.

Let’s think about the famous Chinese Book of Changes – not as an instrument for divinations, but as a tractate, describing laws for the alternation of events. It is similar to the Mayan calendars by its ring-like trigrams, but with one exception. It determines a cycle-like turn of events, rather than spiral-like, and it doesn’t include destiny of the world.

But on the surface of Votan’s “Tree of life” we can see elements from the Mayan calendars, which encircle it, similar to bark and leaves. So he was able to understand the mechanism of space laws and their connection to the events of the Earth and stars? Yes, obviously. But of course, it is impossible to completely recreate his knowledge.

We can only regret the fact that a detailed description of “The tree of life” is not available to us. And we confess that Pacal Votan was no less of a genius than Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci, or Albert Einstein. Anyway, Votan was a fruit of his own civilization – illustrations of his participation in Mayan sacrifices can be seen on the walls of the Palenque temple, and we know that they are a long way from our understanding of humane.

What conclusion can be made from everything? It is not necessary for one to be an alien being in order to rule mankind and create events according to cosmic laws. The human being, Pacal Votan, along with all of us, had a very important feature – he was able to access the roots of the Universe with his mind. But, unlike us, he was trying to do so a lot more often.