UFOs in a Medieval Tapestry


The tapestry, known as the Summer’s Triumph was created in 1538 in the city of Bruges, Belgium. It depicts the ascension of a new ruler. But far more interesting are the unidentified objects in the background – they are shaped just like the typical flying saucers from the sci-fi movies.


Take a look at the upper part of the tapestry, especially at its left side. You will see a number of black, “hat shaped” flying objects, but such symbols are not present in other religious artworks. Some historians think it’s possible that these objects represent the significance of the new ruler who receives divine support from God, but, as we know, flying saucers do not symbolize divine intervention. And even if this was possible, why would it be like that? Can there be a connection between God and flying saucers?


If people from that period associated UFOs with God, then it is clear that they really were seeing some strange objects flying across the sky. People didn’t have an understanding of extraterrestrial life and these objects were linked to the godly phenomena. The only other plausible explanation is that the author of the tapestry depicted some extremely unusual clouds, maybe lenticular clouds which sometimes create the illusion that there is a spaceship hovering in the sky.

The tapestry, called “Triumph of Summer”, is held in the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum in Germany, but the museum has no other information regarding its history. Were the medieval Belgians trying to tell us about something they saw in the sky, or what we are looking at is just the author’s imagination? One thing is clear – the UFO phenomena dates back hundreds, if not thousands of years and it is very possible that, indeed, we are not alone in the Universe.